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Zhuzhong Art Museum is located in Yanxi Tai. Since its establishment, it has always paid close attention to the development of Chinese contemporary art. It is committed to excavating contemporary and artistic works from an open and rational perspective so as to make efforts to promote the development of Chinese contemporary art.
Architecture Art Museum always has the following tendencies: positive, serious and classical. The collection covers excellent works of top-ranking domestic experts.
The new museum will be opened in May 2016. The new pavilion covers an area of 3300 square meters and has three floors. It contains two high-standard exhibition halls and all-round supporting facilities such as cafes, art shops, public education spaces and member clubs.
For a long time, Zhuzhong Art Museum has carefully built professional art exhibitions, collections, public education projects and cultural salon activities to promote the development of contemporary art and cultural inheritance as its own responsibility, striving to make itself a professional platform for exploring new forces and displaying young creative talents under the dual control of academics and the times. In recent years, through the large-scale brand exhibition project of "Every Day Up, Annual Nominated Teachers Exhibition", our museum has successfully pushed out a number of excellent works full of contemporary care, artistic accomplishment and innovative spirit.
The collection concept of "positive, serious and classical" reflects the unique artistic vision and aesthetic vision of the gallery, and is committed to disseminating the humanistic spirit, artistic ideal and lifestyle rich in the value and significance of the times. Guided by this spiritual concept, it is entirely possible, prepared and confident that the Art Museum of Jianzhong will bring together the most valuable contemporary works of art, opening a new page for the development and practice of contemporary art.
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Address: Yanxitai,Jushan Road, Haidian District, Beijing