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Hou Weiguo—“The Book of Disquiet”

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Hou Weiguo—“The Book of Disquiet”


Emerging artist Hou Weiguo’s solo exhibition “The Book of Disquiet”, the first show of “11+ Young Artists Project” , a grand exhibition series initiated and organized by Zhuzhong Art Museum, will be launched soon.


The exhibition, to be opened at the “ZART SALON” space of Zhuzhong Art Museum (new venue) at 3pm, on July 1, 2017, will be academically presides by Mr. Wang Huaxiang, the associate dean of the School of Fine Art , Central Academy of Fine Arts and head of the Printmaking Department and curated by the young curator Duan Shaofeng.

This exhibition will present 13 sets of works selected from the four series: “11 hours”, “Skinny Horse”, “Assessing the Horse Head” and “Assessing the Horse” all conceived under the artist’s “Noble Horse” style and concept. “11 hours” is an audio, the three out of the four pieces in “Assessing the Horse” are SUMO copperplate prints, and the rest exhibits are collages of print offcuts. 


In Hou Weiguo’s eyes, print conceals many secrets. He hollows out, stitches and reconfigures this medium’s “offcuts”, i.e. the abandoned trial prints and bad prints, and makes them into new print-based “installations”. The artist holds that, the very action of “Horse-Assessing”, or judging through appearance is equivalent to “Man-Assessing”, and he hopes that the audience will be able to observe themselves and retrospect through the process of “Horse-Assessing”.