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Spectres of Yesteryear: Wang Jiazeng’s Solo Exhibition

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Spectres of Yesteryear: Wang Jiazeng’s Solo Exhibition 


Academic Host: Xia Kejun

Main Organizer: Zhuzhong Art Museum

Opening: 15:30, 2018.3.18

Dates: 2018.3.18-4.15


At 15:30 March 18, 2018,Spectres of Yesteryear: Wang Jiazeng’s Solo Exhibition”will be officially inaugurated in new Zhuzhong Art Museum. The symposium of the exhibition, academically presided by renowned art critic Xia Kejun, will be launched at 13: 30 on the same day, where the participants will conduct an in-depth discussion on the philosophy and innovative painting language of Wang Jiazeng’s works.


Wang Jiazeng’s works have always depicted the ruins of North China’s large industrial cities, and this exhibition will present his latest series of works created in recent years. The artist’s gloomy tones justify the values of the abandoned and the remnant in the contemporary era and bring the painting into an indescribable land of darkness through the channel of desolation. Rooted in his personal reflections on the catastrophic modernity, Wang Jiazeng’s artistic creation tries to reconstruct the paradoxical connection between the physical world of ruins and the spiritual world of fragments, and to let painting decline and die physically like any other substance in the crisis of image-explosion and at the same time rejuvenate the strength spiritually. The spiritual dimension of his works unrolls in material’s predestinated and inexpressible paradox, and it renders the eternity of the remnant, and re-glorifies the dilapidated with the dignity of life.