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Contemporary Dialogues between Fashion and Art

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Contemporary Dialogues between Fashion and Art


Opening Time:2017.7.2 14:00


Opening: 2pm, July 2nd, 2017

Dates: July 2-20, 2017

Organizers: Zhuzhong Art Museum & International Alliance for Fashion Art

Participating Artists: Bo Tao, Chen Qi, Chen Shuxia, Chen Xi, Deng Yuping, Francoise Hoffman (France), Gao Qian, Gu Liming, Gu Lin, Jiang Jie, Jiang Shouxiang+Sun Shu, Jojo Soumo (India), Carmen Rion (Mexico), Lawrence Xu, Léa Pagès (France), Li Wei, Li Xiaofeng, Liu Jin’an, Liu Qinghe, Liu Xiangqun, Luo Min,Lü Yue, Mauro Betti (Italy), Ma Ke, Ma Lu+Yang Yang, Hyun Shin Park (South Korea), Qiang Yong, Qiu Zhijie, Sarah Siewert (Germany), Wang Chuan, Wang Dongling, Wang Huaxiang, Wang Huangsheng, Wang Keju, Wang Lei, Wang Xiao, Wang Yingsheng, Wang Yue, Wu Hua, WuJian’an, Wu Yi, Xu Lei, Yan Laichao, Yan Hongying, Yan Ping, Yang Hongwei, Yu Fan+Zou Shengwu, Zeng Fengfei, Zhan Wang, Zhang Jian, Zhang Qingxin+Liu Yang, Zhang Tingting, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhang Zhaoda, Zhang Yanzi, Zhu Zheqin


“Contemporary Dialogues between Fashion and Art”, organized by Zhuzhong Art Museum and International Alliance for Fashion Art, will officially open at 2 p.m. on July 2nd, and it’s also the first exhibition of the “Dialogue” series of Zhuzhong Art Museum. Curated by fashion artist Lü Yue and contemporary artist Zhang Yanzi, the exhibition presents the diversification of wearable art in the context of contemporary art through the marvelous collisions between art-making and apparel material.

Nearly 100 pieces of 60 artists from China and overseas will be exhibited, and these works can be divided into two forms. One is the wearable artworks based on the form of clothing and the soul of wear and focused on the spiritual core of clothing instead of mere external design. In its current exploration in material updating to be shown in the exhibition, wearable art transcends the use of fabric and manages to combine the soft and the hard, hence the “un-wearable” apparel made of hard materials such as china and metal… which means that “wear-ability” ceases to be the focus of a wearable artwork in the making, and that the focus has shifted towards the design stance and the social and cultural values behind a design. Another form is the works made by some influential “master-level” contemporary artists from China and abroad who applied their personal artistic languages and concepts on the “canvas” of Chinese traditional silk rope. The Chinese-style ropes for the artists to work on are not based upon any particular pattern of a particular dynasty, but an imagery pattern that is abstracted, by means of refining and designing, from the classic apparel of ancient China and symbolizes cultural inheritance and fusion. These artists, from China, Italy, Mexico, India and a few other countries, have given birth to works of intense personal ideas and remarkable imaginations on the carrier of apparel through diverse artistic forms such as painting, installation and photography, which reflects the various possibilities of traditional culture in the contemporary context.