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Progress Everyday: The Artists Nominated by the Masters Invited by Zhuzhong Art Museum 2017

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Academic Host: Peng Feng

Opening: 15:30, 2017.12.10

Dates: 2017.12.10—2018.1.10

Participating Artists: Chen Liang, Zhang Zhaoying, Ma Ke, Tan Tan, Geng Xue, Pan Lin, Tao Xian, Dai Ying, Lin Jing, Xue Chenglin, Yu Feifei, Sun Yue, Wu Hao, Wei Jia, Wang Min, Tan Tian, Song Jiayi, Feng Bingyi, Zhao Yin’ou, Li Zi, He Shaotong, Bu Yue, Wen Jingbo, Zhang Ying, Liu Yushan, Xu He, Zhang Yifei


“Progress Everyday: The Artists Nominated by the Masters Invited by Zhuzhong Art Museum 2017”will be officially opened at 15:30 on December 10, 2017 and the symposium on the exhibition will be started at 13:30 on the same day.


“Progress Everyday: The Artists Nominated by the Masters Invited by Zhuzhong Art Museum 2017”was launched in 2011, and now has already had a history of 6 years. As an exhibition brand dedicated to promoting emerging artists, the exhibition has presented a batch of excellent works that express concerns for our age, demonstrate art accomplishments and manifest the spirit of innovation since its establishment. This edition’s exhibition has Mr. Peng Feng, critic and associate dean of the School of Arts Peking University as its academic supervisor and a committee consisted of the invited professors and critics from Chinese art academies, they will guard and escort the young “riders” in the tides of art with their academic attainments and their up-to-date connections with the contemporary era.


This edition’s nomination exhibition launches for the first time a special exhibition featuring the works by these young artists who used to be overseas students or resident young artists. A total of 27 participating artists were recommended by 24 Chinese and foreign famous art college professors and art critics. After graduating from the professional art schools in China, these artists went to the United States, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, Belgium, and other countries for further study or residence projects. Compared with the previous editions, this edition grips tighter the more clearly positioned pulse of the age and evolves toward the direction advocating the “contemporary”, “innovative” and “positive” spirit. The exhibition will present kaleidoscopic faces of the practices in painting, sculpture, video, installations and so on. Through these art-making lines it examines and handles the “highlights” and “bottlenecks” sparkled in the collision and integration of contemporary Chinese art and foreign art and will present the panoramic view of the creative ecologies and spiritual connotations of the young artists.