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Representation of Time: Li Zi’s Exhibition

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“Representation of Time: Li Zi’s Exhibition” is to open at new Zhuzhong Art Museum (Exhibition Hall III) at 3 p.m. on September 24th, 2017. As the third round of the 11+ Young Artists Project, this exhibition is curated by Louise CAI, with renowned European art critic Gérard Xuriguera as the academic director and Jia Fangzhou, Alessandro Riva, Wang Meng, Maria Laura Perilli and Li Miao as the academic consultants.

In this exhibition, about 30 recent works made by artist Li Zi, including paintings, videos and installations, will be displayed, which allows the audience to contemplate the spiritual implications brought about by the “representation of time” in the intricate scenes and focuses. By skillfully blending her feelings, desires and repulsions into her creation, Li Zi turns the awareness of identity and the changing feelings, memories and social scenes into heavily symbolic traces, composes and builds a mysterious world filled with a nervous, sad and indiscernible air in a brand-new artistic language, and delivers her version of quietness and desolateness through an expressive form of conceptual representation which totally disagrees with Chinese traditional aesthetics. Also novel is how the exhibits are arranged; videos that express feelings are juxtaposed with painting installations behind black veils in a dim and silent natural space, so that every visitor can resonate emotionally with what’s inside this mysterious world.