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"Her Kind 创” Opened at Zhuzhong Art Museum

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“Her Kind 创”, a group exhibition of Xiao Lu, Zhao Yinou, and Cao Yu, opened at Zhuzhong Art Museum on September 16th, 2018, at 3:30 pm.
The curator of this exhibition Alia Lin, participating artists Xiao Lu, Zhao Yinou, and Cao Yu, Shao Yiyang, art critic and deputy dean of the School of Humanities at Century Academy of Fine Arts, and Professor Xia Kejun of Remin University attended and spoke at the opening. Art critic and  independent curator Bao Dong, artists Yuan Zuo,  Zhu Lan, Shen Ling, Chen Xi,  Yang Hongwei, and Ma Ke, the co-founder and editor-in chief of Phoenix Art, Xiao Ge, and Qin Ting, the editor-in-chief of Art Market, among others, were also invited to the scene.
According to Sun Limin, the executive director of Zhuzhong Art Museum, “this exhibition opening today is a unique female artists’ exhibition. As its title “Her Kind” suggests, these three artists are “her kind” of artists that not only are they unconventional, but more importantly, their works show a strong sense of explosiveness, destructiveness, and creativity.”
Alia Lin, the curator of this exhibition, said in her speech that “there were many female artists’ exhibitions in the West, which redefined the past art forms from a feminine perspective, challenged traditional societal taboo, and emphasized women’s independence and liberation. However, there are few exhibitions like this in China. Most of the women’s art exhibitions here simply put together works made by female artists, and many female artists are either so used to focus their artistic practices on traditionally accepted women’s subjects that they unconsciously identify with the social constructed female identity and take this “otherness” as the true self, or rejecting the label of ‘female artist’, as if the label alone is demeaning, and trying to avoid the feminine characteristics in their works. Art making must rise from one’s innate drives. Gentleness and delicacy should not be viewed as characteristics exclusive to women, but women’s art can also be violent and vigorous. Such aggression breaks the fixed perceptions of women and women’s art, and only by challenging the gendered assumptions can changes truly take place.”
Shao Yiyang, deputy dean of the School of Humanities at Century Academy of Fine Arts, stated that “trauma is the source of creation. This is not only an exhibition of feminist art, but also an exhibition of creativity… Feminism is not directed against men, but aimed at all kinds of social oppressions, including oppressions of the marginalized groups. Feminism is mostly an effort to express oneself and one’s freedom. It is thus about freedom and creativity. This is a very powerful exhibition.
In his speech, art critic and curator, Professor Xia Kejun of Renmin University of China, said that “female artists may be able to return from the heart to the body, from the body to life, and make a unique artistic form with life…”
Participating artist Xiao Lu stated that during the fifteen years since her Fifteen Gunshots, she has created many new works which are different from her earlier ideas. These new works, in a way, are the artist’s attempt to find herself that was once lost. The curator Alia Lin has selected the works from the 2003 Fifteen Gunshots to the latest Coil, created in 2018. These works are very representative, which mark a new step of her artistic creation.
Zhao Yinou, the second participating artist, said at the opening that “in all these years of art making, my focus has not been on discussing wether my work is a painting or not, nor have I paid much attention to wether it is a good painting or a bad one, because I have been breaking this concept.”
Most of Cao Yu’s works concern the human body, both directly and indirectly, sometimes with materials referencing the body, including breast milk, urine, hair, and leather boots, etc. Works made of materials taken from the artist’s body are particularly repulsive to the viewers, regarding which Cao Yu remarked “my works may be controversial. In fact, I have never expected my works to be accepted, nor do I need the compliments. I am simply doing what I do.”
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-About Artists-




Xiao Lu
1962 Born in Hangzhou, China.
1979 — 1984 Studied in the Subsidiary School of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.
1984— 1988 Studied in the Oil Painting Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China.
1988— 1989 Work at Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute.
1989 —1997 Live and work in Sydney, Australia
1997— 2003 Live and work in Hangzhou, China
2003 — Live and work in Beijing, China.
Solo Show
2018 ”Studio Project: COIL” Skew House, Beijing, China.
2017 “Xiao Lu ” Skovde Art Museum, Sweden.
2016 "Money Laundry → Anti - Money Laundry" Hosane Space, Shanghai, China.
2006 “Open Fire” Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, USA.
Group Show
“” IO Cultural Network e, V & Oststern, Frankfurt, Garmany.
“Sworn Sisters” Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia.
“Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World” Guggenheim Museums, Bilbao, Spain.





Zhao Yinou

1972Born in Shenyang,China .1988-1992The High School Affiliated to Central Academy of Fine Arts.

2001Graduates from the Oil Department of Luxun Fine Arts Institute with an MFA Currently employed as Lecturer in the Beijing Art Design College.



2014  Half the sky:Intersections in social practice art  Exhibition and cultural exchange

      Presented by the international caucus of the women's caucus for art in partnership with LuXun   

      Academy of Fine Arts The Museum of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts Shenyang China

2013  I am The Artist C5 Gallery Beijing China



2014 OPEN TO YOU  Korea Pusan

2014 Half the sky:Intersections in social practice art Exhibition and cultural exchange Presented by the international caucus of the women's caucus for art in partnership with LuXun  

     Academy of Fine Arts The Museum of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts Shenyang China

2013 See again C5 Gallery Beijing China

2009 White Snow and Blackearth He Jingyuan Art Center Beijing

2009 China Revisualized&The Banner of Urban Culture Xi’an Qujiang International Contemporary Art    

     Festival Qujiang Contemporary Art Center  Xi’an

2008 Positive&Negative  Asia Art Center  Beijing

2008 Brushwork He jingyuan Art Center Beijing

2007 1997-2007 Awakening from a Ten-Year Long Sleep He jingyuan Art Center Beijing

2006 From Polar Region to West of Tracks,Contemporary Art Exhibition of Northeast China 1985-2006    

     Guang Dong Museum of Fine Arts Guangzhou

2000 Northern China Contemporary Art Invitational Show Dong Yu Museum of Fine Arts Shenyang

2000 Small Report-an Exhibition of Seven Artists China Art Archives & Warehouse Beijing

1999 Debut Collection Exhibition Dong Yu Museum of Fine Arts Shengyang

 As Part of the March Toward New Century Chinese Youth Painting Exhibiton China National Museum of Fine Arts Beijing Beijing




1988 Born in Liaoning Province,China
lives and works in Beijing, China
2011 BFA, Sculpture, Central Academy of FineArts, Beijing, China
2016 MA, Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
Solo Exhibitions
2017 I Have an Hourglass Waist, Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing, China
Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum,
XIE-SHENG , Bonacon Gallery,Guangzhou,China
Pace Over Window , Specific Space , Pyeongchang , Korea
0 : 00, Bank / Mabsociety, Shanghai,China
2017 Extended Ground, GalerieUrsMeile, Lucerne, Switzerland
BANANA BANANA2, DISKURS Berlin, Berlin, Germany
THE PUBLIC BODY .02,Artspace, Sydney,Australia
Kabinett,Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Prix Yishu 8 Chine Exposition des Finalistes, Yishu 8, Beijing, China
Recent acquisitions – recent developments, SishangArt Museum, Beijing, China
2016 The 3rd Today’s Documents-BRIC-á-brac: The Jumble of Growth, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Neo - Eden: The Artworks by Young Chinese, Japanese and Korean Artists, Jinji Lake Art Museum,
Suzhou, China
Technology - Alchemy and Body Modification, YingArt Center, Shanghai, China
Thinking in Torus: Young Chinese Artists Across Dimensions, Luohu Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
The 1st Daojiao New Art Festival, XI Contemporary Art Center, Dongguan, China
2016 - Fresh Vision, OCTArt and Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China
WHY the PERFORMANCE?, McaM, Shanghai, China
BANANA BANANA, JNBY Concept Store, Beijing, China
China Streaming·VIA Art Channel, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
Young Artist of the Year·The 12 th Award ofArt China(AAC)
Nomination, French Yishu 8 art foundation’s Young ArtistAward
Third prize, Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduates Outstanding Exhibition 2011, Beijing, China
Nomination, Zeng Zhushao Sculpture Fellowship, Datong, China
Public Collection
M+ Museum ,Hong Kong,China
SishangArt Museum, Beijing, China
CentralAcademy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing, China