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Yoshitaka Amano’s Itinerant Exhibition "Interwoven Fantasy"

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The Opening Ceremony of the "Interwoven Fantasy" Exhibition was held in Zhuzhong Art Museum at 10 am on December 15th, 2018.


This is the first time that Mr. Yoshitaka Amanoheld his solopainting exhibition in China. Hundreds of collections are on display and the works span all the periods of Mr. Yoshitaka Amano's creation. Fans came in a throng.Not only could the audience feel the charm of the painting, but also gainedthe best chance to communicate with the master known as "the Father of Oriental Fantasy" inzero distance, so that this exhibition left a deep impression on the audience. Back in November 3rd, the the itinerant exhibition of "Interwoven Fantasy" of Yoshitaka AmanoinChina was officially launched at Zhuzhong Art Museum. At present, the theme exhibition of "Fantasy" has ended in the praise of the audience. The opening ceremony and signing conference brought the three-month itinerant exhibition to a climax. At the same time, the second part of the "Interwoven" theme exhibition wasopened, bringing unpublished works before the eyes of the audience.


The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Zhang Zhaogong, the curator. Mr. Yoshitaka Amano, Mr. Wang Xubing, Chairman of Beijing Youyueyuan CultureDevelopment Co., Ltd., Mr. Lin Yinxiong, President of Skywell Enix Co. in China, Mr. Huang Jiancheng, a professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Yu Guangzhao, Director of Yicang Art Museum, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.
























In the afternoon, when the long-awaited signing activity arrived, a long queue of people lined up on the spot. Many viewers expressed their excitement by saying that that they had come to watch it since November 3rd. Today they came here to buy the signing works, hoping to have face-to-face communication with Mr. Yoshitaka Amano. They had been concerning about Mr. Yoshitaka Amano's works earlier and saw the works from the picture albums. This time, they could not only saw the implementation ina close distance, but also contacted with the master. It was really a golden opportunity.



















The second stage of the exhibition, with the theme of "Interwoven", is divided into three parts:


The first part mainly shows the Candy Girl series. As early as the 1970s, Amano showed a strong interest in pop art, but the real action began in 2000. His enthusiasm for exploring pop art forms and new media prompted him to create a series of wonderful paintings on aluminum sheets and transparent acrylic sheets. His 108 Candy Girls were his understandingsand expressionsof the alternating lightsand shadowsand the freedom of thenew world. At the same time, there are also a large number of artistic creations of Final Fantasy and there’s also a special exhibition area of TheThousand and One Nights.


The second partincludesthe covers and his illustrationsof his early time, including Chimera, King Spiral, Wagner Opera Series, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Angel's Egg, Legend of Leopard Head King, Edogawa Rampo Series, Sohryuden Legend of the Dragon Kings and so on.


The third part mainly exhibits dynamic video works, in which the brand-new film Vegetable Goblin New York Salad is first shown in China.






























Since 1987, with the success of Final Fantasy, whichbecomesa long-lasting series of works, Yoshitaka Amano has naturally become the visual spokesman of Final Fantasy. Looking back at that era, game images were very different from Mr. Yoshitaka Amano's designs because of the technical limitations of computer graphics.


Interestingly, the air of Final Fantasy itself containing the combination of eastern and western cultures, as is consistent with Mr. Amano's temperament. Perhaps because ofthat,the artist and the game in that era chose each other and they perfectly integrated,  thecultural impactout of whichis so far difficult to surpass.


The famous Japanese artist has captivated the audience with his powerful and unconstrained ideas, tension-filled strokes and fantastic combinations of colors.


The exhibition will be held until February 1st, 2019.







Yoshitaka Amano and Yoji Shinkawa left their painting signatures on the signature wall in Zhuzhong Museum of Art









Yoshitaka Amano’s Itinerant Exhibition "Interwoven Fantasy"in China. Beijing Station


Artist: Yoshitaka Amano

Curator: Zhang zhaogong

Academic Director: Cui Donghui, Zhang Xi

Sponsor: Beijing Youyueyuan CultureDevelopment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Starmaking Interchange Technology Co., Ltd.

Joint Sponsor: Beijing Dimensional Matrix Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Executive Organizer: Zhuzhong Art Museum

Academic Supporter: Future Media Studio of Central Academy of Fine Arts

Co-sponsored Enterprise: M's Management Office Company

Xi'an InkdancingNetwork Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Cooperative Enterprise:Skywell Ennix (China) Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Globe Technology Co., Ltd. (Globe Travel)

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