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The second contemporary ceramic art biennale(nominated)

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On September 1, 2019, the Second Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist Biennale Exhibition (nomination) opened at Zhuzhong Art Museum in Beijing. The event was organized by Zhuzhong Art MuseumBai Ming, celebrated artist and professor of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, was the academic nominator. More than 70 groups of ceramic works by 11 young artists were shown in this exhibition. Artists Chen Xiao, Dai Yun, Gao Huilin, Li Lihong, Liu Peiyang, Liu Yucheng, Peng Zanbin, Wang Jingcheng, Wei Yunong, Yu Mengtong and Zhang Chun were in attendance.


The opening ceremony was chaired by Sun Liminexecutive curator of Zhuzhong Art Museum. Lin Ben, founder of Zhuzhong Art Museum, Bai Ming, academic nominator of the exhibition, Professor Xia Kejun of Renmin University of China, Yuan Wu, researcher of China National Academy of Painting, Professor Wang Jiazeng of Renmin University of China, Professor Gu Liming of Tsinghua University, and Professor Wang Haiyan of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts were in attendance at ceremony.


Bai Ming, academic nominator of the exhibition



Bai Ming gave a speech at the opening ceremony, “Ceramic art has always been playing a minor role in contemporary Chinese art. That is because the charm of traditional ceramic is deeply rooted in the Chinese people. They think of it as part of the daily necessities of life, both materially and spiritually, and their aesthetics of traditional ceramic is deeply entrenched. Ceramic art is a fine part of traditional art. But how can it embrace modernity? How can artists convey their understandings and feelings of the time through it? We should give more concerns to the questions. The exhibition successfully brings young creators of contemporary Chinese ceramic to audience in the Art Museum. Artists from across China get a breakthrough in scientific advancing and ceramic language. New ideas are continually being adapted to fit in with the old, such as contemporary designs and innovative use of materials. By holding such an exhibition in Zhuzhong Art MuseumI'm confident that people’s vision of ceramic, which is powerful and whose possibility is limitless, will be redefined. We hope to provide a space for contemplation, appreciation and exchange.



Professor Xia Kejun of Renmin University of China



TProfessor Xia Kejun of Renmin University of ChinaWith ceramic art, appliances for everyday life become picturesque and are invested with the unique aesthetic of Chinese cultureThe exhibition space exudes an aroma of Chinese culture—quietness, restraint and nobility. It helps engender a sense of beauty in our daily life.



Artist Wang Jingcheng in attendance



Artist Wei Yunong in attendance


Wang Jingcheng and Wei Yunong, representative artists, said, Traditional ceramic art focuses on material, process and functionality, while contemporary ceramic art is concerned with ideality and the creators empathy. Thanks to Bai Ming, traditional ceramic art can embrace modernity. The academic exhibition at Zhuzhong Art Museum let us inspect ceramic items and bring us closer to ceramic art.”



Zhi Min, Deputy Director of Chinese National Academy of ArtsChina Sculpture InstituteThe artist has attended the First Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist Biennale Exhibition



Zhi Min, Deputy Director of Chinese National Academy of ArtsChina Sculpture Institute, had attended the First Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist Biennale ExhibitionHe concluded the event with a speech, China has rich traditional resourcesThe challenge before every artist is how to breathe new life into traditional material (ceramic) with creativity. Ceramic is an emblem of Chinese culture throughout historyWe artists have to display the culture through ceramic languageIn years to come, well carry language to extremes and develop culture deeper. I would like to wish Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist Biennale Exhibition a brighter future. I believe our cooperative efforts are sure to be productive and contemporary Chinese ceramic art has a lot of promise. Congratulations on the successful opening of this Biennale.”



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